Saturday, May 7

Mother's Day 2011

A lot of my friends this weekend seem particularly intent on demonstrating to everyone within cyberspace that they are brighter and better than the rest of us. Yep. They're all waving the flag of political right-onness. Mother's Day was started by a trio of women who were more interested in celebrating women's commitment to peace than their ability to appreciate flowers. Still, one might note, a flower was chosen as the symbol of this: a red carnation.

I value peace and justice. I value mothers. And though I can't actually verify this and don't actually care to even try, I do suspect it's true that those of us who know what it's like to raise a child, to value another life more than you do your own, are those who know better than anyone else the yearning for peace in the world. Few mothers, after all, outlast their children. Those who do feel no joy in this.

But I am so tired of the people I know who seem to think they are better than those outside our little intellectual circles on the political and artistic left. I was raised by people, well-meaning people, who were convinced they were better than almost everyone else in the world, and I'm done with that as much as I can be.

Send me flowers, take me to brunch, feed me chocolates, or plant gardens with me. There is no way you might propose to commemorate Mother's Day with me that I would not find wonderful and full of meaning. You don't have to make it politically right. Just smile at me and say you love me.

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